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 Casting Backswing

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Casting Backswing Empty
PostSubject: Casting Backswing   Casting Backswing EmptyThu Jul 24, 2008 12:13 pm

Casting Backswing

The Casting Backswing (formally known as Casting Backswing Point, but often referred to as Casting Backswing) of a unit is the point, or the part of a unit's casting animation where the spell has already been cast and the backswing animation is just a filler to look nice. The casting backswing is most easily observed when Crystal Maiden or Keeper of the Light wave their staffs to their right after casting a spell, with their 2.4 second casting backswing. When a hero with a long casting backswing like Crystal Maiden casts a spell, because the hero has to wait for the casting backswing to finish, the player is put at a disadvantage as the hero must stand still to allow the casting backswing to finish. This is overcome by techniques such as Animation Canceling or in the case of using autocast attack modifiers/arrow effects, Orbwalking.
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Casting Backswing
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