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 DotA Theme Manager

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PostSubject: DotA Theme Manager   Fri Nov 07, 2008 3:33 pm

This is actually kinda old, but better late than never, here we go....


1. What does this "Theme Manager" do?
2. What does it contain?
3. How to use it?
4. Spoiler - what will come in the future?
5. DL-links, FAQ, Credits, Changelog, Screenshots, sig etc

1. What does this "Theme Manager" do?
The Theme Manager allows you using different terrainsets in DotA without using a different map. This works by replacing the textures/models in your MPQs - WC3's Data files - itself. It will not only change DotA's Terrain (where it has no glitches), but also other maps. In other maps, it will look quite bad, so this is more useful for DotA.
While it strongly changes the appearance of the map, it does not change anything of the gameplay - the changes are of PURE visual nature and the process is easily reversible. Also, the changes are only local.

The Theme Manager is completely compatible with every platform/hosting program (b.net/Garena/DC/LC/Hamachi/...).
Most of this discussion is old ("Beachpack") and belongs to versions where it was not compatible and worked in other ways.
The "real" discussion begins somewhere at page 11.

The patch seems to have brought no problem at all.

2. What does it contain?
Beach Theme:
-Beachterrain everywhere
-"Pandaren" UI for both parties (thanks to Unwirklich)
Hell Theme:
-"Hell"-terrain everywhere
-"Demon" UI for both parties (thanks to Unwirklich)
Snow Theme (beta)
-Snowterrain everywhere
-"Frost" UI for both parties (made by myself, based on human UI)
-Will be improved later (bushes are still green)

3. How to use it?
How to install the Theme Manager?
1. If you have beachpack installed, restore to original (if you can't, it won't be too bad afaik). You would have exchanged your War3Patch.mpq in this case and should have a backup (with lower filesize).
2. Unpack the file IN your warcraft folder - in most cases C:\Program Files\Warcraft III. These are the Paths (by martirsadota).
3. DO NOT move or rename any of the files you unpacked. The path must be: "\Warcraft III\DotA Theme Manager V2\"
4. If you want it on your desktop, create a shortcut of the exe file.
5. make sure both your WC3 and your World Editor are closed!
6. Go! (after checking step 2 and 3 again)

1. Close your warcraft AND warcraft world editor. Else it does not work!
2. Start the program. If you start it the first time, it will create a backup of your MPQ
3. Select your favourite toolkit. If you select one, it will always be activated unless you change it!
4. Start WC3. Whether you start it out of the program or not is not important.
Other maps might have a (visually) screwed terrain - I suggest you to use "original" when playing something different than DotA

Of course, DotA is Icefrog´s map, and I would not do something like this without his explicit permission....
Ice gave me specific permission to do that as long as it is done in conjuction with the beta team and is beta tested and screened by IceFrog and his Betatesters.

Beach Theme in Action:
End Game
Prime Defending # 11

Have fun!

4. Spoiler - what will come in the future
As the preview screenshots show, the long awaited Snow Theme is close to being finished.

After that, I have a bunch of different basic ideas:
-Barrens - that's what should be the next.
-highland - something rocky, but I have some minor problems
-Dungeon - dunno, this could be a very dark version of the snow theme or something...
Special functions in the GUI (again, only basic ideas):
-custom user interfaces for each race (with checkboxes or something you can select the Interfaces you'd like)
-custom models, again with checkboxes
-special icons (or do you like the Song of the Siren icon?)

If you have suggestions - mainly terrains - just say what you think should come next!

5. DL-links, FAQ, Credits, Changelog, Screenshots, sig etc

Downloads: *.rar - you can only unpack these when you have winrar, but they are much smaller.
DL 1 - Megaupload
megaupload.com LXRT2V04
DL 2 - Rapidshare
rapidshare.com DotA_Theme_Manager_V2.rar.html
DL 3 - Sendspace
sendspace.com c5b927
DL 4 - Mediafire
mediafire.com ?zinzwjmyhqt

Downloads: *.zip - bigger, but everyone can unpack them
DL 1 - Rapidshare
rapidshare.com DotA_Theme_Manager_V2.zip.html

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
(or rather: questions ppl keep asking even though they are answered)

Q: It starts and installs the theme when clicking a theme, but the terrain does not show, what have I done wrong?
A: In most cases, people who had this error did not read the installation guide, escpecially step 2.

Q: It starts, but gives an error when clicking a theme, how can I fix it?
A: Probably WinMPQ does not work. WinMPQ is in the "Data"-folder, get help here.

Q:Can this be made as a command like -ts?
A: No, because the cliffs can not be changed ingame.

Q: How does the DTM work?
A: It replaces the textures of terrain and trees in the MPQ.

Q: Can you add a theme-fitting minimap?
A: After trying this in several different ways, I came to the conclusion that it is not possible to do that at all.

Q: I use MAC, does it work for me?
A: No.

Credits go to:
-Infrisios, idea and developement
-Yak, for HUGE support. Wouldn´t have worked at all without him. He also made the blight texture for the Beach Theme
-laku_0o for help with the GUI (and creating the first one!)
-ereskigal, murdoc_rocks, Revil0, the ones above (stability tests)
-Unwirklich, for the Panda (Beach) and Demon (Hell) UIs (User Interfaces)
-Betatesters for supporting it and kinda reviving the idea of a custom DotA





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PostSubject: Re: DotA Theme Manager   Fri Nov 07, 2008 6:35 pm

That's what I have in my screenies.

Moved to Downloads section.
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DotA Theme Manager
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