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 Flesh Heap

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PostSubject: Flesh Heap   Wed Jul 23, 2008 6:58 am

Pudge - The Butcher

Flesh Heap

Pudge is made of innumerable rotting corpses, giving him extra protection against spells as well as the chance to add more to his bulk.

Level 1 - 4% magic reduction, slight Str bonus per kill.
Level 2 - 8% magic reduction, moderate Str bonus per kill.
Level 3 - 12% magic reduction, large Str bonus per kill.
Level 4 - 16% magic reduction, heavy Str bonus per kill.

Level 1 - 0.03 Strength per Creep, 0.3 Strength per Hero.
Level 2 - 0.06 Strength per Creep, 0.6 Strength per Hero.
Level 3 - 0.09 Strength per Creep, 0.9 Strength per Hero.
Level 4 - 0.12 Strength per Creep, 1.2 Strength per Hero.

Notes :

* Follows the Spell Resistance stacking rule.
* Flesh Heap works through denies, that is, killing allied units (including self) adds to Pudge's strength.
* The command -fleshstr can be used to check the Strength bonus achieved through this skill by Pudge players.
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Flesh Heap
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