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 Echo Slam

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PostSubject: Echo Slam   Echo Slam EmptyFri Jul 18, 2008 2:04 pm

Echo Slam

Raigor sends shockwaves shooting through the ground, dealing damage ricocheting to nearby targets for additional damage.

Level 1 - 200 initial damage, 35 echo damage.
Level 2 - 275 initial damage, 45 echo damage.
Level 3 - 350 initial damage, 65 echo damage.

Cooldown: 150/130/110 seconds.

Level 1 - 145 mana, 500 AoE, 500 AoE for each ricochet.
Level 2 - 205 mana, 500 AoE, 500 AoE for each ricochet.
Level 3 - 265 mana, 500 AoE, 500 AoE for each ricochet.

Notes :

Basically, Echo Slam deals 200/275/350 damage depending on level and then 35/45/65 more damage for each additional target in the area. So if you use it at level one with only one unit nearby, it will deal 200 damage. If there are two units, it will deal 235 damage to each of them. If there are three, it will deal 270 to each, and so on.

* The initial wave of Echo Slam damages everything within 500 range of Raigor. The area of effect is calculated right when Echo Slam is cast so if a hero runs out of the AoE after Raigor casts it, the waves will follow the hero out of the area. The same thing also happens with Echo Slam's echo damage.
* The echoing waves affect everything within 500 range of each unit that the initial wave ricocheted off of, so the echo waves can potentially hit a unit that is nearly 1000 range away from Raigor but units have to be within 250 range of Raigor to get hit by both the initial wave and all of the echo waves.
* Although it does not affect them, Echo Slam bounces off of invisible units, magic-immune units, corpses, and units that are in the process of dying. The fact that it works with corpses is extremely helpful for using Echo Slam with Refresher Orb because you can effectively get the full damage twice even if almost everything died during the first cast.
* The initial wave actually deals 165/230/285 but each unit is hit by its own echo wave, so it evens out to 200/275/350 damage to a single unit like the spell says.
* Echo Slam works by creating a dummy unit in place of each unit in the AoE. This is why it bounces off of units that it can't actually target.
* Since the damage is based on Fan of Knives, this skill does not damage decrepified units.
* This is not blocked by Linken's Sphere.
* Echoslam deals Magical damage which is reduced by the target's Spell Resistance
* The initial wave (165/230/285) damages units with Spell Immunity but the echo waves do not.
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Echo Slam
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