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PostSubject: Necromancer   Mon Jul 07, 2008 2:28 pm

Druids of the Talon (Sentinel) and Necromancers (Scourge), are the ranged creeps allied to each side.

Movement Speed: Fast (325)
Attack Speed: Fast
Range: 500 (ranged))
EXP (before enemy's Barracks get destroyed): 41
EXP (after): 25
Gold (before): 33-53
Gold (after): 21-41
HoM Gold (before): ~133
HoM Gold (after): ~109

Can be targetted by creep dominating skills, such as Penitence(Holy Knight, Enchant(Enchantress), and Helm of the Dominator

- One spawns for the first time at the 2:00 min mark (can vary with game mode) on each lane, and after that every 30 seconds.
- Treants/Ghouls and Druids/Necros always spawn together on a Creep Wave.

- Increases max health (+10HP) and damage (+2 min & max) every 7:30 minutes.
- Additional creep added at minute 45:00.

The ranged creeps can serve multiple purposes in the game. Since they are able to attack from distances, they are more easily targeted for denies. These ranged creeps are most likely stationed behind a normal creep wave, making it easy for players to kill the enemy range creep without worry of their creeps killing it first. A good idea is also to use it as a "punching bag" while holding down alt for a last hit. These creeps are also special in that they have mana and can be targetted for spells such as mana drain(Demon Witch) and mana burn(Nerubian Assassin).

Data from www.dota-alstars.com
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