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PostSubject: Venomancer   Thu Jul 03, 2008 6:21 pm

Lesale Deathbringer - The Venomancer
Midnight Tavern

Primary: AGI
Movement Speed: 300
Range: 490
Damage: 46 - 48
Armor: 3
HP: 492
Mana: 195

Str: 18 + 1.85
Agi: 22 + 2.6
Int: 15 + 1.75

Missile speed: 900
Sight range: 1800/800 (day/night)
Damage point: 0.3/0.7 (point/backswing)
Casting point: /0.51 (point/backswing)
Acquisition range: 800

For those obsessed with death, poison is a necessary study. However, Lesale went a step too far. He experimented upon himself with various toxins and chemicals so that he could learn the secrets of death. These twisted his mind and mutated his body into a hideous creature which embodies an immense hatred for all things pure. He can strike an enemy with a concentrated shot of poison or even spread a toxic gas throughout an entire area, severely weakening beast and human alike.

  1. Shadow Strike
  2. Poison Sting
  3. Plague Ward
  4. Poison Nova
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