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 Eye of Skadi

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Eye of Skadi Empty
PostSubject: Eye of Skadi   Eye of Skadi EmptyWed Jun 25, 2008 10:20 am

Eye of Skadi: 7050 gold ;located at Level 4 (Undead) ;+150 Hit Points, +200 Mana +25 to All Attributes ;Passive: Frost Attack ;-20% Attack Speed ;-30% Run Speed 2 Second Duration Melee Eye of Skadi is an orb effect, and does not stack with orb effects; Ranged Eye of Skadi is NOT an orb effect, and stacks with some orb effects. Point Booster (1200) Ultimate Orb x2 (4600) Eye of Skadi (1250)
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Eye of Skadi
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